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11 ways to solve rape better than nail polish

The more we depend on women to prevent rape, the easier it is to blame them when it happens to them. Here’s a look at the well-documented ways we can actually stop rape. Maybe it’s time we invest a little more time and resources into implementing them before we send gallons of nail polish to colleges across the country.

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I’ve known too many women to be raped, had nurses and liaison officers tell them that they had enough evidence, and then the police do fuck all to the rapist and let him walk free and continue his life as normal while the victim has to struggle every day to cope with the shit they put them through.

This has happened to too many women I love. Way too fucking many.

One person I know who was raped, the police even found CCTV footage of the actual incident, but apparently that wasn’t enough to convict him either.

Think about that.

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"Sadly, brains do not have control-alt-delete.”
“It’d be nice if they did.”
“Then you could just see what processes are running.”
“Force quit, Anxiety! Force quit!”
“Trauma?! When did I open ‘Trauma’?”
“Fucking malware." (via gramina)

“No wonder it’s running slow, there’s like eight billion background programs running.”

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…seriously, this is straight-up genius.

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the sadness is really hitting that I didn’t get that internship… the new interns have started and therefore there is no more chance of being pulled off the wait list.. I think I didn’t want to believe I didn’t get it but now I have no choice… Feeling really torn as to what I should do now… (also, I feel like crying)

Apply again or get a real job?

Too bad none of my applications for real jobs in my field have been successful. :(

  • elementary school: reads at a middle school level
  • middle school: reads at a high school level
  • high school: reads at a college level
  • college: re-reads Harry Potter


Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

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Suicide Prevention Month is September and Suicide Prevention Day is September 10

Because this is coming soon I decided to make a new challenge! I know that these have typically been on facebook but I think that this one would work on tumblr! Don’t worry, you have have to do anything cold or crazy.  My challenge is just going to be about raising awareness about suicide so that hopefully some people will be helped. :)

My challenge is to:

1. research and find 3 facts about suicide or suicide prevention that you think are important or impactful.  You can add them in a video or just post the list in text form if you’re feeling shy (making this video was super awkward for me and very much out of my comfort zone so I completely understand wanting to type instead!)

2. donate $10 to a suicide prevention or awareness organization of your choosing! (I will post some suggestions at the bottom).

3. Post it and hopefully some awareness will be spread in time for September!

I am challenging ALL OF MY TUMBLR FOLLOWERS!!!!!

Raising awareness about depression and suicide is really important to me so I hope some people participate and spread the word!

Here are some organizations you can donate to:

With love,

Rachel <3

(I made the video for my facebook so some of the challenge is a wee bit different :P)



So incredibly happy with this

This shit
this shit is cool



So incredibly happy with this

This shit

this shit is cool

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The reason I get up in the morning :)


You know what is the worst? When you realize that all of your people have found new people and no longer want you as their people so you just sit there alone while everyone else moves on with their lives.

It’s really annoying too, because your absense would be noticed but your presence isn’t acknowledged. So if you were to say, kill yourself, all these people who used to be your people would come forward and so to outsiders it looks like “why would she do this? she had all these people that loved her” when in reality, when you were alive they were nowhere to be found and you were only contacted if you were of some use to these people. When you are dead you are perfect for them, because you can’t ask for anything from them but you can provide them the role of “grieving loved one” that will get them more attention from the people that they replaced you with.

It’s times like these that I am glad I have cats, because I could never abandon them even when it is extremely tempting to do so. They keep me here. So I guess, to all of my former people, thank my cats next time you need something from me, because they are the reason I am still here. 


do you ever get in those moods where you don’t know how to feel and everything kinda feels mixed up and you’re just sitting there alone in your room trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with you

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No more excuses. No more silence. No more violence. No more.

this seriously needs more notes i cant even

Yes it does.. A LOT MORE. 

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This is perfect.

I’m so glad he’s guarding our galaxy

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My mantra for the past week: You’re unwell and you’re allowed to be unwell. Sometimes you’re not capable of doing anything but being unwell, and that’s okay. Sometimes all the world needs from you is just to get through each day. You don’t have anything to prove, you don’t have a deadline to meet, you’re allowed to set your own pace. Just look after you.

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"So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality"

Actual idol

when carrey is serious, it’s often devastating. i really wish he did more sincere stuff. 

holy fucking shit tho.

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feeling really low right now…

I have a degree in psychology that is essentially useless

i’m not qualified to be an unpaid intern…

I’m also not qualified to be an entry level mental health specialist at a hospital even though i meet all of their required and preferred education and experience levels….

soooo what am i qualified for?

maybe i could try applying to a master’s in counseling program but i will probably magically not be qualified for that either…

getting this B.S. in psychology really feels like BS right now… biggest waste of my time..